CEREC_ONEVISIT_LOGO_4CCEREC CAD software is a modern approach to restoring your teeth.  Using computer assisted software (CAD) Dr. Zapantis and Dr. Meshkati are able to do highly accurate cosmetic dentistry. The result is a healthier and stronger tooth.  The advantages of CEREC include:

  • Metal-free and tooth-colored restorations.
  • High-strength ceramics that are bio-compatible and mimic your natural teeth.
  • Minimally invasive treatment saves you time, money and most importantly tooth structure.
  • Safer, customized tooth colored restorations replace your old failing silver and composite fillings.
  • A short 10-15 minute milling time on site means one visit dentistry!
  • No temporaries that fall out.
  • No unpleasant, goopy impressions that harden in your mouth.
  • State of the art optical impressions restore your teeth to their natural beauty, function and strength.

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